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GENEQUALITY X120 is a completely automated CE IVD walk-away system to perform routine molecular diagnostics, optimizing efficiency and versatility. GENEQUALITY X120 can manage up to 64 biological samples simultaneously: from loading of sample to Real-Time PCR setup with different assays.

The GENEQUALITY X120 platform uses magnetic beads, in convenient preloaded cartridges, which guarantees excellent performance of nucleic acid extraction. The flexibility of the software allows for the maximum versatility of Real-Time PCR plate design.


  • Purification of DNA and RNA from different types of biological matrices in the same run
  • Up to 64 samples processed simultaneously from primary tube
  • A barcode reader guarantees the correct identification of samples and reagents
  • Every sample is singularly managed for starting volume, elution volume and pre-treatment options selectable by the operator
  • Preparation of PCR plate from 6 different elution plates
  • On-Board cooling block for storage of the reagents during PCR setup
  • Complete traceability of entire work flow


  • Software with touch-screen interface, maximum ease-of-use
  • Programmable PCR plate setups for type of assay and/or for elution plate, with the possibility to include/exclude groups of samples or single samples in the plate
  • Expiry Alarm (optional): suggests to the operator the samples with expiring analysis dates
  • Direct exportation of PCR configuration files to the most common Real-Time PCR instruments
  • Bidirectional interface to the laboratory management system

Furthermore is now available GENEQUALITY X120 Track version. This platform is designed to allow maximum versatility for the operator, and in the same time, it suggests solutions and useful optimizations for efficient management of diagnostic routine.


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08-20-96 GENEQUALITY X120 1 Unità
08-21-48 GENEQUALITY X120 Track 1 Unità