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The main activities of AB ANALITICA are:
Diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori
AB ANALITICA has patented and registered BREATHQUALITY UBT (AIC n° 034510014) as a medicinal product. BREATHQUALITY UBT test is in a liquid form for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infections using the 13C urea breath test technology.

Analysis Service
Fast service for analysis and diagnostic evaluation of breath samples for diagnosis of gastroduodenal infection with Helicobacter pylori (13C urea breath test) and for the majority of functional metabolic tests that use 13C-labeled substrates.

Molecular Diagnostics
Design, development, commercialization and sale of diagnostic systems for research and molecular analysis (reverse line blot, Real-Time PCR) using patented technologies in the fields of infectious diseases, genetics, oncology and andrology.

Diagnosis of infertility
Production and sale of tests and devices for analysis of seminal fluid.

Quality Controls
Exclusive distribution in Italy of AcroMetrix control serums (ThermoFisher SCIENTIFIC) for molecular biology and serology. In addition to the daily run controls, AB ANALITICA offers QMCD EQA programs for a complete all-around solution for Quality Controls.

Development, commercialization and sale of products for the management of biobanks and biological archives: vials with laser-coded 2D barcodes; reading systems for multiple barcodes; software for archiving, tracing and retrieval of biological samples; hardware and consumables for labeling suitable for cryoconservation.

Lab reagents, consumables and instruments
Sale of instrumentation, reagents and accessories for molecular biology and cell biology.