REALQUALITY RQ-VZV is a diagnostic CE-IVD kit for the identification and quantification of the DNA of Varicella Zoster virus (VZV) by Real time PCR.


  • The device is validated on DNA extracted from various samples types
  • The assay requires only 5 µL of DNA extracted
  • If used in combination with the REALQUALITY RQ-VZV STANDARD, it allows the quantification of the viral DNA present in the sample 
  • The assay shares the same thermal profile of the REALQUALITY Infectious diseases kits
  • Validated on main Real time PCR instruments
  • The assay includes dUTP/UNG system for preventing carry-over contamination and a fluorescence normalizer
  • The automatic format of the assay can be used on GENEQUALITY X120 platform
  • Easy interpretation of results with AB Genius Report software
Kit content
  • Ready-to-use reagents for Real time PCR 
  • Internal control (amplification of beta-globin gene - BG)
  • Positive control (DNA containing fragments of the VZV genome and the BG gene)
For further information
The Varicella Zoster virus (VZV) is a herpetic virus responsible for both chickenpox, an exanthematic disease that mainly occurs in paediatric populations, and shingles, a disease affecting adults that is commonly known St Anthony’s fire, due to viral reactivation. Inapproximately 10% of cases, chickenpox is followed by shingles several years later, normally after a sudden lowering of the host immune defences. In fact, the virus remains in the ganglia of the dorsal nerve roots. Elderly people (>60 years) and immunocompromised individuals such as HIV patients and organ transplant recipients, appear to be the most affected. Moreover, in the first 20-30 weeks of pregnancy, primary infection of VZV may lead to neonatal congenital defects, although this is rare.
Why use Real time PCR assay for VZV?
Molecular diagnosis using Real time PCR is particularly important in distinguishing between VZV and HSV infections, since the two types of infection have confusingly similar manifestations. It is essential in post-transplant monitoring and in immunocompromised patients.

This product uses technology patented by Biosearch Technologies, licensed for use in Human Molecular Diagnostic applications.

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Code Description Package
RQ-35-4A REALQUALITY RS-VZV - Automatic format 50 tests
RQ-35-6A REALQUALITY RS-VZV - Automatic format 100 tests