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Legal notes privacy (10.09.2005)

Legislative Decree No. 196/03 - Personal Data

Data Manager and Persons in Charge of using personal data In accordance with Article No. 13, para 1 ( f) of Legislative Decree No. 196 dated 30.06.2003, the following information is provided to parties whose personal data will be used by the " AB ANALITICA s.r.l." with registered offices in Via Svizzera, 16 - 35127 - PADOVA, Italy - P.IVA 02375470289.
The Data Manager is the president of the " AB ANALITICA s.r.l.".
The physical person currently acting as the legal representative of the " AB ANALITICA s.r.l. ", is the president Vincenzo Patrone, residing for this purpose c/o " AB ANALITICA" with registered offices in Via Svizzera, 16 - 35127 - PADOVA, Italy - P.IVA 02375470289.
The Person in Charge of using personal data at the " AB ANALITICA s.r.l." is president Vincenzo Patrone, residing for this purpose c/o " AB ANALITICA s.r.l." with registered offices in Via Svizzera, 16 - 35127 - PADOVA, Italy - P.IVA 02375470289.

Privacy Policy, Cookies and processing of personal data.

This document aims to describe the methods of management and processing of personal data of the users / visitors who access after registration or who consult this Website. This note is made in accordance with the Italian article 13 Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 - Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali (Privacy Code) – and addresses to those who link to this Website , with exception to third-party contents consulted by the user through dedicated links. Users / visitors should read carefully this Privacy Policy before submitting any personal information and/or filling any electronic form on the above mentioned access points.

Data controller

AB ANALITICA, data controller with registered office in Via Svizzera, 16 - 35127 Padova (Italy), is committed to protecting the user’s personal information and this document aims to help understand what information we collect and how we use it.

Processing methods

Data protection is very important for us. Therefore, when we receive, process and use your personal information, we scrupulously respect the provisions of the data protection act and of the media law. Your personal information will be disclosed to third parties only if this is necessary for the fulfilment of the contract or billing or if you have previously given your consent. Our service providers receive the necessary data for the fulfilment of the order and contract and they can use these data only for the fulfilment of their duties. They have no right to use the information for any other purposes.

In accordance with the Italian article 7 Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the owners of the data have the right to obtain, at any time, the confirmation of the existence of their own personal data, to know their content and origin, to verify their accuracy or request their integration or updating or rectification. According to the same article, the user has the right to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block of data that were processed in violation of the law. The user has also the right to oppose in any case, for legitimate reasons, to his own data processing by writing to

Use of your data for advertising purposes

We use your data for fulfilling your requests through, We may also use your data for contacting you about specific products or marketing activities, and to suggest products or services that may be interesting for you. You have at all time the right to revoke your consent for the use of your personal data for advertising purposes, both generally or for specific activities. Just send a written notice to
Le informazioni che riceviamo da te ci aiutano a migliorare costantemente la tua esperienza e a renderla sempre più piacevole e personalizzata. Le informazioni trasferite da te o generate in automatico sono utilizzate per creare una pubblicità adeguata ai tuoi interessi. A tal fine utilizziamo le informazioni a disposizione, come ad esempio al dispitivo usato e al collegamento internet, sistema operativo e piattaforma. Utilizziamo queste informazioni esclusivamente sotto forma di pseudonimo. L’analisi e la valutazione di queste informazioni ci permettono di migliorare i nostri siti web e la nostra gamma di offerta su internet; in questa maniera possiamo inviarti della pubblicità personalizzata, ossia della pubblicità che ti suggerisce dei prodotti o servizi che effettivamente potrebbero incontrare il tuo interesse. Il nostro obiettivo è quello di creare una pubblicità più utile ed interessante per te. Al contrario, via email o posta ti spediamo pubblicità come newsletter e suggerimenti di prodotti che corrispondono ai tuoi interessi. Pertanto si verifica per esempio quali email pubblicitarie apri; questo al fine di non inviare email inutili.


About Cookies

Cookies are simple text files stored on the user’s computer or mobile device by the Website’s server and that can be read or retrieved by the server itself. They contain information and help the Website remember, for example, the user’s preferences or the products in his shopping cart. The EU Directive on Electronic Communications and Provision no. 229 of May 8th 2014 issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority on "Simplified Arrangements to Provide Information and Obtain Consent Regarding Cookies" require users to be informed appropriately on their use so as to give their valid consent.

Cookies can be classified according to various considerations.

Classification of cookies depending on the website that creates them

  • First-Party Cookies: they are created by the website you are visiting, and only this site can read them.
  • Third-Party Cookies: they are generated by other websites, different from the website you are visiting. Our Website has no control over them. Please check these websites’ cookies policy for further information about these cookies. Find here below the link to the main ones:

    Google Analytics Look Policy >>
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    Facebook Look Policy >>

Classification of cookies depending on their duration in your device

  • Temporary (or Session) Cookies: Temporary (or Session) Cookies: they have no expiry date, and are deleted as soon as your browsing session is over, or when you close your browser.
  • Persistent Cookies: they all have an expiry date and remain in your computer even when your browsing session is over or when you close your browser. They can be read by the website which created them on your following visits to the same website.

Classification of cookies depending on their intended use

  • Technical cookies :
    This type of cookies allows the proper operation of certain sections of the Website. These cookies are required to precisely view the Website and related to the technical services offered. They will always be used and sent, unless you do not change the settings in your browser.

  • Third-Party Services Analysis Cookies :
    These cookies allow to collect information about the visitor’s use of the Website (anonymously), such as page views, time spent on site, traffic sources, geographic origin, age, gender and interests for marketing campaigns’ purposes. These cookies are sent from third-party domains outside the Website.

  • Cookies to integrate products and functions of third party software
    This type of cookie integrates features developed by third parties within the pages of the Website such as the icons and preferences expressed in social networks in order to share the Website contents, or for the use of third-party software services (such as software generating maps and additional software offering other services). These cookies are sent from third-party domains and partner sites that offer their features in the pages of the Website.

  • Targeting Cookies
    These cookies are necessary to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user within the pages of the Website. This Website, according to the current legislation, is not obliged to request consent for technical cookies, as they are required for the normal functioning of the Website. As to cookies created by the analysis service offered by Google Analytics, they can be considered as technical cookies for two reasons:
    • they collect data in “aggregata”, form, not attributable to individual users or persons that can be identified
    • the third-party agrees not to cross the information contained in cookies with other information that it already possesses


Some people prefer not to enable cookies, that is the reason why almost all browsers offer the possibility to manage them in order to meet user preferences. In some browsers, you can set rules to manage cookies site by site, an option that gives you more precise control over your privacy. This means you can disable cookies from all sites, except those you trust. To read the instructions about configuration, please refer to the several online guidelines concerning your browser.

Another option, which is often possible, is anonymous web browsing. When you want to prevent your website visits or your downloads from being recorded in your browsing history and download section, you can surf in incognito mode. All cookies created during your anonymous web browsing will be deleted after you close all the windows where you are surfing in incognito mode.