Technical Support Service

AB ANALITICA is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company for technical support on instruments and guarantees “Full Risk” ordinary and extraordinary technical support, including all spare parts, consumables, software and hardware parts.

The technical support service is provided by highly qualified personnel with training and experience in a wide range of disciplines, including molecular biology and biotechnology, biomedical engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering, physics, chemistry, and materials science. They guarantee the necessary support during installation and after-sales assistance.

Technical support is managed immediately through remote analysis of the analytical and/or instrumental problem. Phone calls are handled by a team of biologists and engineers; in this way, almost all problems are managed and solved within one hour of receiving the report. In case an on-site intervention is necessary, Product Specialists with technical-application skills are available on the Italian territory and can go to the center to operate directly on the system.

The service includes

AB ANALITICA’s Technical Support Service is highly qualified and includes:

  • Delivery and installation of instrumentation
  • Testing of instrumentation
  • Preventive maintenance of instrumentation
  • Corrective maintenance on request
  • Remote assistance
  • Safety checks of equipment
  • Supply of software updates
  • Technological upgrading or improvements of reagents and instrumentation
  • Staff training

Continuous attention to customer satisfaction and constant analysis activity ensure quality standards of absolute excellence.