Who we are

30 Years of Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics

For over 30 years, AB ANALITICA has been at the forefront of molecular diagnostics. Our long history has witnessed unwavering dedication to the design, development, production, and marketing of in vitro diagnostics, a constantly evolving field. What guides us on this journey is our commitment to our customers and our core values: security, certified quality, innovation, support.

We are grateful for the trust of our customers and we look forward to the future, aware of the importance of continuing to drive innovation in this sector crucial for human health.

Design, Development and Innovation

We take pride in being one of the few Italian entities with its own Research and Development sector. Our multidisciplinary team includes experts in medical biotechnology, engineering, computer science, and pharmacogenetics.

The synergy between our researchers and product specialists enables us to provide comprehensive answers and effective solutions to our customers. We consistently work closely with our clients, focusing on innovation to continuously update our portfolio with automation products and solutions that best meet user needs.


Specialized in developing diagnostic solutions for professional use.
We produce valuable solutions, serving better diagnostics.

Every day, we innovate, envision alternatives, and grow alongside our customers.

Production Excellence

Our in vitro diagnostics (IVD) are manufactured at the main headquarters in Padua, where 2600 square meters of laboratories are dedicated to the Production and Research Departments. The entire production cycle undergoes rigorous quality controls, ensuring the utmost reliability of our products.

Additionally, we have two locations dedicated to research and design: one at the AREA SCIENCE PARK in Padriciano – Trieste (TS) and the other within the H-Bio Puglia scrl district.

Corporate Transparency

At AB ANALITICA, transparency is the key to our innovation mission. We believe that only through open and honest communication can lasting relationships of trust be built with our partners, customers, and industry colleagues.
The company is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in the research and development of biotechnological products. We consistently strive to adhere strictly to laws and regulations, in addition to closely monitoring and publicly disclosing our progress towards sustainability and social responsibility goals.

Commitment to Eco-Sustainability

At AB ANALITICA, we believe it is our duty to protect our planet for future generations. In 2018, AB ANALITICA took significant steps towards environmental excellence by investing in initiatives aimed at energy conservation and the reduction of climate-influencing gas emissions:

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Automation implementation
  • Eco-Freon Refrigeration Cells installation
  • 49.5 kWp Photovoltaic System installation

These results are the outcome of our commitment to building an environmentally sustainable company, and they consistently drive us to explore new ways to enhance our environmental impact.