Discover the revolutionary platform Sample To Result GENEQUALITY® 2050

GQ 2050 is a fully integrated Real-Time PCR system capable of performing all stages without the need for operator intervention.

The GENEQUALITY® TWENTYFIFTY (GQ 2050) is an automated sample-to-result system, with integrated thermal cycler, for the extraction of nucleic acids from biological samples, the Real-Time PCR reactions set-up and run and the reporting of the results..

Product Characteristics

  • Extraction of DNA and RNA from different matrices in the same analytical run, starting from the primary tube.
  • Quick extraction system with magnetic rod system.
  • Full traceability of the entire workflow.
  • Software with touch screen interface configurable in different languages.
  • Decontamination control with the integrated UV lamp.
  • Bidirectional interface to the laboratory management system.
  • Up to 32 biological samples processed simultaneously from primary tubes.
  • Sample carriers capable of accommodating primary tubes with diameters from 11 to 16 mm and heights from 65 to 105 mm.
  • Up to 24 different Real-Time PCR reactions.
  • Active cooling block for Real-Time PCR reagents.
  • Software for automatic processing of Real-Time PCR data.

Further Information

The system presents several control and safety features including:+

  • 1 air displacement channel with volume range up to 1000 μL, barometric and capacitive liquid sensor, and clot detection;
  • Control of heating block temperatures;
  • A camera system that assists the operator during the instrument loading.

Additionally, the GQ 2050 is equipped with a Hepa filter for environmental safety, UV lamp and tips with filters to manage and limit potential contaminations.

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